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FAQs about the Chassis Dynometer

Q. How do I get my car Dynoed?

A. Call 1-888-757-1201


Q. Why should I Dyno my car?

A. To protect your investment, create more horsepower/torque and save fuel


Q. How long does it take to Dyno Tune my car?

A. As long as it takes to get it right.


Q. Is the Dyno hard on my car?

A. Any time an engine is operated at full throttle, whether on the street, racetrack or on the dyno, there is a small risk of something going wrong or a component failing. While this risk is actually somewhat smaller in the closely monitored environment of a dyno session, the risk still exists nonetheless. The Dynocologists/Misener Motorsports, its employees and owners assume no liability for engine or driveline damage that may occur while the vehicle is operated on the dyno. All dyno work is strictly and expressly AT THE CUSTOMERS’S OWN RISK.


Q. How much does it cost to Dyno my car?

A. Basic Dyno session is 3 pulls for $100.


The following items are extra:

  • Measuring Air/Fuel

  • Supplying and welding in an O2 sensor bung to measure Air/Fuel

  • Carb Tuning and EFI tuning, plus the cost of a chip programmer or licensing

  • For cars running leaded fuel there is an additional charge to cover the replacement of our Wideband O2 Sensor, which will be harmed by leaded fuels! 

These prices do not include mechanical repair while your car is on the Dyno, such as changing/gapping spark plugs and other mechanical repairs. We recommend you stop in before your Dyno session to have a quick inspection. It will save you money and time for your Dyno session.


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